7 Documents You’ll Need for Your Asylum Case


Asylum cases are not easy.  While the harm you face in your home country may seem clear-cut to you, they aren’t always clear to courts who can and do deport asylum seekers. Even those with credible asylum claims. It’s especially difficult for those who speak rare languages

Thanks to the Biden “Rocket Docket,” asylum-seeking families have less than one year to defend their right to stay in the United States. This is a dire issue when asylum claims can take years to resolve. The Biden administration also continues to use Title 42 to expel people seeking asylum on the grounds that they pose a public health risk. 

Long before you receive your credible fear interview, you’ll have to submit an asylum application. Making sure that application is filled out correctly and contains all supporting documents is one way that you can help make your claim as strong as possible. 

#1) Your Personal Statement

This document is extremely important. This is your first chance to tell your story. You’ll want to make it very clear why you are afraid to return to your country, using specific, accurate details.

If possible, you will need to link your persecution to being a member of a protected class such as being a member of a particular race, religion, sexual orientation, or some other group. 

#2) Your Passport

If you don’t have a passport, other ID documents will do. In general it’s not a bad idea to submit copies of several identifying documents such as your ID card or your birth certificate.

#3) Evidence of Membership in a Persecuted Group

Membership cards, meeting minutes, a record of church service…there are multiple ways that you can prove your involvement with a group. Submit anything you can think of that your attorney agrees might be credible. 

#4) Evidence of Personal Persecution

Any photographs or medical records can help here. If you have scars on your physical person your attorney can help you photograph and submit them. In some cases, it can be valuable to submit newspaper articles documenting conditions in your country. 

#5) Witness Statements

Affidavits that corroborate your personal statement can be extremely valuable, especially if they come from government officials or members of the clergy. 

#6) Expert Statements

You may need statements from doctors or psychologists to help back your claims. We ca help you get these meetings. In addition we can help you get a statement from someone who is familiar with conditions in your country. 

#7) Translations

You will need certified translations of any documents that are not currently in English.

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