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At Hykel Law, we serve companies throughout Greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the entire United States with high quality corporate immigration legal expertise. One of the biggest challenges faced by companies both big and small is in maintaining their global workforce, including foreign nationals working in the U.S. Hykel Law is experienced in handling compliance, documentation, lawful entry of foreign nationals, work visas, permanent resident status (green cards), and citizenship for foreign nationals employed by U.S. companies. We work quickly and efficiently to resolve your corporate immigration issues.

One thing we take pride in at Hykel Law is upholding the highest standards of legal services.  We keep up with current laws and regulations so that you can hire and keep qualified foreign national employees with confidence that you will not be penalized.  As government policies and mandates change, we stay ahead of the game to preserve new opportunities for your organization.

Hykel Law can also help you evaluate and implement strong, yet adaptable immigration policies that ensure fairness for all of your staff members. Each employee has unique circumstances; therefore our approach is personalized to the needs of every individual. We offer prompt communication, accurate organization, filing and guidance to deliver exceptional results.

Hykel Law can assist you with the following aspects of Business Immigration Law:

If need be, Renee Hykel Cuddy is available to work hands-on or come to your job site to assist in immigration matters as they arise.

Philadelphia Corporate Immigration Attorney services includes a wide span of legal services, such as:

  • Support and advice for companies and their employees who are coming into the U.S. from foreign countries
  • Managing inquiries from USCIS – the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service
  • Working with HR to develop and implement appropriate protocol for new and existing foreign national employees
  • Ongoing immigration training for your team; to address immigration matters
  • Proactive legal counsel on EB-5 or corporate investor relations
  • Immigration compliance
  • Applying for and processing “green card” immigrant petitions
  • Department of Labor inquiries and investigations
  • Attending inquiries or on-site visits from Immigration
  • Handling corporate immigration paperwork, applications, filing, work expiry due dates, etc.
  • Court / judicial support for potential employee immigration problems
  • Preparation of work visa petitions for:
    • new hires (or renewals) engaged in a professional position that requires a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or equivalent experience (H1-B, TN for Canadian nationals, E3 for Australian nationals)
    • company transferees from abroad coming to a U.S. affiliate company or starting a new office here in the U.S. (L1A (executive or manager) and L1B (specialized knowledge regarding the business)
    • temporary business visitors coming to conduct business but not draw a U.S. paycheck (B1)
    • Entrepreneurs who are engaged in international trade or domestic investing, provided they are directing and developing the enterprise (E1/E2)
    • Athletes/Artists/Entertainers (P1/P2/P3)
    • Persons who have earned international acclaim for their work, have risen to the very top of their field and/or made significant contributions to the field (O)
    • Religious workers (ministers, teachers) (R1)
    • Workers engaged in work that is culturally unique and will provide a cultural experience to U.S. patrons (Q)


We Help Solve Immigration Challenges

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Employment & Investment Visas

Although it often comes with controversy, immigration into the United States has always played a major role in the strength of its economy. Perhaps no one understands this more than the residents of Philadelphia, where the Liberty Bell still welcomes foreigners to one of the richest historical communities of our country.


Family Visas

Not knowing or understanding the system and laws of the U.S. can be a disadvantage for many foreign immigrants who wish to obtain permanent residency in the United States, either for themselves or for their loved ones. Hykel Law’s Family-Based Immigration Services can lead you through the complicated process to achieve either temporary or permanent residency, depending on your situation.


Deportation Defense

Are you afraid of deportation? If you are a foreign national involved in the beginning stages of removal proceedings, the deportation attorney at Hykel Law in Philadelphia can help prevent this unfortunate situation. We can evaluate your immigration case and find the best strategy to defend you from removal proceedings to help you stay in the United States.

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