What Does It Mean to Get a Second USCIS Interview?


Applying for a green card isn’t easy. It would be nice if you could go in, provide your documentation, have your interview, and get your card without incident.

Unfortunately, sometimes immigration officers don’t like what they see. When that happens, they might just issue a Notice of Intent to Deny…but they might call you in for a second interview, too.

What the Second Interview Means

The second interview means your immigration application is on shaky ground. It could represent a situation where:

  • The immigration officer has reason to believe you’re committing marriage fraud.
  • The immigration officer has reason to believe you’re ineligible for a green card.
  • If you already have a green card, your green card is at risk or the immigration officer has reason to believe you are ineligible for citizenship, or both.
  • The immigration officer has identified a discrepancy in your application.

In a few rare cases the immigration officer who handled your case has simply left the department and the new officer needs to see you before they can process your case. Most of the time, however, the second interview is indicative of a problem. 

The Most Common Second Interview: STOKES

The STOKES interview is a I-130 second interview wherein each member of the couple is taken into a separate room and is questioned separately. The immigration officer will be looking for evidence that the couple is really married

It’s harder emotionally and it’s harder physically as these are much longer and you won’t have your spouse with you for support.

Other Second Interviews

Other second interviews may be conducted for virtually any reason. The immgiration officer has questions about your case and they require answers. 

Advice for Second USCIS Interviews

Gather all the evidence you can possibly find that you are eligible for your green card and for citizenship. Then, call your attorney immediately.

You want the extensive preparation your attorney can give you for these interviews. They can last for much longer…we’ve seen them last an entire day before. Your attorney can probably help you identify the issues that might exist and can help you prepare for them.

You also will want your attorney on hand to quash any questions the immigration attorney has no right to ask, and to guide you as much as possible through the process. In addition, having your attorney on hand can serve as a valuable source of emotional source: you’re not facing this scary second interview alone

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