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Are you an international athlete or coach who needs U.S. immigration status to work, train or reside in the United States?

Check out an article by Hykel Law client and international athlete, David Ziegler, featuring a contribution by Renee Hykel Cuddy, Esq. David Ziegler is a Canadian Equestrian Athlete who was recently granted P-1 (international athlete) status in the United States with our assistance.  The article addresses several US immigration options for athletes and coaches, including B1/B2 visitors, H-3 trainees, P-1 athletes, coaches, and support personnel, O-1 extraordinary ability athletes and coaches, and green cards. Renee Hykel Cuddy, Esq. is very well-suited to prepare immigration applications for athletes and coaches because she was an Olympic Athlete for the US Rowing team for 6 years before entering the legal profession.

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Employment & Investment Visas

Although it often comes with controversy, immigration into the United States has always played a major role in the strength of its economy. Perhaps no one understands this more than the residents of Philadelphia, where the Liberty Bell still welcomes foreigners to one of the richest historical communities of our country.


Family Visas

Not knowing or understanding the system and laws of the U.S. can be a disadvantage for many foreign immigrants who wish to obtain permanent residency in the United States, either for themselves or for their loved ones. Hykel Law’s Family-Based Immigration Services can lead you through the complicated process to achieve either temporary or permanent residency, depending on your situation.


Deportation Defense

Are you afraid of deportation? If you are a foreign national involved in the beginning stages of removal proceedings, the deportation attorney at Hykel Law in Philadelphia can help prevent this unfortunate situation. We can evaluate your immigration case and find the best strategy to defend you from removal proceedings to help you stay in the United States.

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