The Line for Immigration Grows Longer – And Longer

The Line for Immigration Grows Longer – And Longer

  • January 31, 2019
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An immigration lawyer in Philadelphia is accustom to fielding difficult calls and questions. We are experienced in family separations, detention and deportation cases, complicated asylum matters, and even complex visa applications. However, one question that is growing more frustrating for immigration lawyers across the United States, “why is my case taking so long?”

Recent reports from news outlets, ranging from Forbes to MSNBC have shown a substantial increase in the backlog of immigration cases across the country – and we realize this is impacting every type of case and circumstance. It is important for an immigration lawyer to address the reason for these delays and how our team at Hykel Law can be of assistance to individuals involved in a tough immigration case.

From a Philadelphia Immigration Lawyer: How Extensive Are Immigration Delays?

Statistics released by the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) show that the processing time for immigration applications has slowed significantly. Individuals, especially people who aren’t working with an immigration lawyer in Philadelphia or elsewhere, might have their wait for processing by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) be 46% longer.

The exact wait time can vary by type of application, level of complexity of the case, and whether it is an application for permanent residency, naturalization, an employment visa, or other visa schemes. However, the waits for a USCIS case are noticeable across the board. For example, individuals who are applying for an H-1B, which should be a straightforward process when there is clear documentation from an employer, are still having difficulty going through USCIS in a timely manner.

The processing time for immigration applications and individuals trying to claim asylum is even longer. Over the past few months, an immigration lawyer in Philadelphia has watched the wait time for entering through the southern border grow longer and longer. Many points of entry to the United States are not maintaining a list of individuals waiting for an opportunity to approach the border. The New York Times recently reported in their “The Daily” podcast that people are waiting for months just to hear their name called from this list.

What Is Causing the Delays Across All Immigration Application?

There are several underlying for the delays in immigration cases and applications. First, there are policy changes that have a substantial impact on how and when immigration cases are heard by the USCIS. Even if the official procedure doesn’t change in these courts, the distribution of judicial and executive resources can impact the timing of cases. Everything from scheduling a hearing to arranging an interview at a local consulate could be impacted by policy decisions.

This is why your immigration lawyer in Philadelphia could be an asset. It is necessary to fully understand the procedures of an immigration court and review process by USCIS. Given the delays, a mistake in your work visa application or missing a deadline could push your immigration case to the end of a long list.

Second, the government shutdown in December and January increased the delays in immigration courts and for processing times by USCIS. The federal agencies and departments that handle immigration cases had certain employees furloughed and funds restricted for 35 days. Even where immigration cases were heard, operations weren’t at full capacity. While the partial government shutdown is now over, the impact on immigration matters across the United States is far more extensive.

What Are Your Options to Overcome an Immigration Delay?

An immigration lawyer in Philadephia is going to fight for your case. Whether you are experiencing a long wait for your employment visa or concerned over the evidence of your asylum request, an immigration lawyer has the knowledge of processes and procedures to assist with your case. And know, we are fighting for you.

Immigration lawyers throughout the United States have watched processing times increase and information become harder to obtain. In response, we’ve become more forceful advocates for our clients. If you need an immigration lawyer in Philadelphia with the passion and commitment to overcome longer delays in the immigration process, you need Hykel Law.

We handle a wide variety of immigration issues and cases, including immigration waivers, DACA cases, work visas, and asylum. You can reach our team at Hykel Law by calling our office at (215) 246-9400.

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