Immigration to the US, for Nurses


The United States has been suffering from a nursing shortage for decades. The shortage certainly hasn’t gotten any better in the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic, which has led to widespread burnout. Many nurses are quitting.

In fact, 33% of nurses surveyed in 2022 intend to quit their job by the end of the year.  

This creates opportunities for nurses who would like to immigrate to the United States. In fact, nurses may have an easier time getting into the United States than members of almost any other profession. 

They are a Schedule A shortage occupation, which means employers can sponsor registered nurses for green cards without completing any labor certification processes. 

Green Card Requirements for Nurses

To be eligible for a green card you must:

  • Obtain a college degree in nursing
  • Be a licensed RN
  • Pass an English exam
  • Pass the NCLEX and CGFNS examinations
  • Receive a job offer from a US employer
  • Get an RN license from the state where you’ll be employed
  • Obtain a VisaScreen certificate
  • Fill out an I-140 petition
  • Attend a USCIS interview  

Temporary Visas for Nurses

There are two options for individuals who want to work in the United States on a temporary basis. This may allow you to get valuable work experience in the United States before returning to your home country. 

H1-B Visas for Nurses

An H1-B visa allows you to remain in the United States for three years. It may be extended for six years. It also allows you to enroll in a program of study while you’re in the United States, so long as doing so doesn’t interfere with your employment. You will need an employer sponsor. 

TN Visas for Nurses 

Residents of the United States and Canada may apply for a TN NAFTA professional visa which gives you temporary entry into the United States. It allows you to stay for a one year term but allows you to apply for additional terms so long as you maintain a foreign residence and do not intend to remain in the United States permanently. 

Get Help Today

Even if you are a nurse, getting any kind of a visa in the United States is a labyrinthine process. Your nursing degree, alone, won’t be enough to ensure a good result.

Fortunately, Hykel Law is here to help. We’re happy to ensure that your visa application is in top shape so that you can maximize your ability to work here in the United States.

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