Immigration in the News – July 1, 2020


It’s been another tumultuous couple of weeks in immigration, with several major stories in the news worth paying close attention to. Here are some of those stories…and what they might mean to you and for you as you seek to navigate your own immigration issues.

Here are the three top stories.

Federal Judge Strikes Down Trump Administration Asylum Rule

The “asylum rule” was a rule that prevented asylum seekers from trying to gain refuge in the United States if they hadn’t applied for protection in a different country en route. It was aimed primarily at Central American immigrants who Trump wanted to keep out. 

What this means for asylum seekers: 

For the moment, not much. The New York Times reports that Trump is layering policies to keep the border sealed to asylum seekers. Judges haven’t managed to strike down all of those policies yet, which means if you have relatives seeking asylum it may be wiser to direct them to other, more hospitable countries for the time being. Asylum cooperative agreements with Guatemala and Honduras may effectively keep some asylum-seekers out even if they do. 

It is possible for some migrants who were forced to wait in Mexico to get hearings now though, which may mean they have a chance. 

DACA Stands

The Supreme Court recently upheld the DACA program, preventing Trump from eliminating it. This means that for now DACA beneficiaries are safe from deportation. It does not mean they can breathe easy.

“This does not mean that DACA is immune from further challenges by the Trump administration. Meanwhile, though DACA recipients are relieved about the court’s decision, they also haven’t lost sight of the fact that it’s not a permanent fix. Many recipients and supporters continue to call for immigration reform—not just for the thousands of people enrolled in this program, but also for the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S.” – 

What this means for DACA recipients:

Use this reprieve to your advantage. Keep working with your immigration attorney to try to find alternative paths to citizenship. 

Immigration Judges Sue Trump

Hundreds of immigration judges have sued Trump, claiming their free speech rights are being violated.

“For years, [the Executive Office of Immigration Review] EOIR allowed judges to speak about immigration in their personal capacities, provided they made it clear they were not speaking on behalf of the agency, the suit noted.

In 2017, EOIR changed the policy to require that judges get prior approval before they speak. Then, in January, EOIR went further, forbidding judges from publicly discussing immigration law or policy. On all other topics, judges are required to obtain advance EOIR approval, the suit said.” The Philadelphia Inquirer

What this may mean for you:

Nothing, directly, though the gag order on judges may be contributing to the burnout which is reducing the number of judges working in immigration. This, in turn, is contributing to the major backlog of cases and delays in the process.

What’s your immigration issue?

We stay on top of the ever-shifting landscape of law and policy to make sure that you get the best help you can get when it’s time to resolve your immigration issue. Need help? Contact Hykel Law today.

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