5 Social Media Mistakes That Threaten Green Card Applications


USCIS actively checks social media accounts for all green card applicants. They may deny an application out of hand based on what they find or ask intense questions at your visa interview based solely on what they find in your social media profile.

In fact, they review at least five years or more of social media history. 

Knowing the most common social media mistakes immigrants make and what to do instead is important. 

#1) Posting Alcohol or Drug Use Media

Remember, “good moral character” is a requirement for naturalization. If you ever want to become a citizen of the United States, it’s important to consider the picture social media paints of your activities. 

In addition, you don’t want to give USCIS a reason to ask themselves whether you are a habitual drug user.

Posting pro-marijuana or pro-marijuana legalization content can also get you into trouble. While many states have legalized marijuana, it has not been legalized at the federal level. USCIS agents might assume your support indicates marijuana use, which can impact your admissibility. 

#2) Failing to Use Social Media at All

This may come as a surprise, but failing to use social media can be a mistake, too, especially if you’re seeking a marriage-based green card.

Social media can be an excellent place to post evidence that a bona fide relationship exists, such as photos of you and your sweetheart on various outings. Be sure to change your “relationship” status on all accounts, too.

In addition, if you don’t have a social media handle, you’ll have to provide some proof that you don’t, as well as some proof as to why you don’t. 

#3) Posting Political Content

USCIS uses social media to identify potential threats to national security. Any evidence that you may be involved with terrorist groups or violent groups of any kind could impact your application. 

Watch your friend groups, too; if you suspect a friend of yours is involved in certain activities, it might be a good idea to unfriend or unfollow that person.

#4) Failure to Review the History

Does anything in your social media history seem to contradict anything that might appear in your application? Look for posts that might have been said ironically or in jest.  

Understanding what USCIS might see can help you and your attorney deal with issues as they arise. It also gives you the opportunity to delete any questionable content.

Never falsify information on your social media accounts or visa application. 

#5) Failure to Increase Privacy Settings

You do not have to reveal social media passwords on your social media accounts on your visa application. 

If you increase your privacy settings and avoid responding to suspicious “friend” requests, you may be able to block USCIS from seeing some content. 

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